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Lori Thayer

  • 3700 Quebec St #100-231
  • DENVER, Colorado 80207-1639
  • 612-888-6381

About Me

Busy Moms need smart tools. Young Living Essential Oils is one of the smartest tools I know.

And I know my tools. I love to find tools to optimize life so that I have more time to love and enjoy my life.

Essential oils have many uses which makes them a great tool for Moms. Each bottle of oil can be used in many different ways, often including: topically, aromatically, and some even internally. They can also be used in many ways. For e.g. a bottle of lavender can be used to:

  • sooth burns
  • relieve itching
  • improve sleep
  • feel calmer
  • heal cuts
  • relieve dry skin
  • reduce¬†allergy symptoms
  • decrease dandruff
  • improve cold sores
  • decrease nosebleeds
  • and more

The items we buy over the counter rarely have more than one use! Essential Oils are Mom's secret army knife.

I personally use essential oils daily as well as many of the other products offered by Young Living that are infused with essential oils including:

  • face care
  • skin care
  • cleaning solutions
  • supplements
  • dental hygiene products
  • and more

Why do I buy so many products from this company? Because they use good ingredients that you can trust and then make the products even more powerful by adding essential oils.

I also use the oils to release emotional and mental blocks that are getting in the way of living our best life. For e.g. if your Mom life stresses you out, we can use oils to decrease the stress so you can enjoy your family more. Don't we all want that  - more enjoyment and less stress! Visit me at to learn more about this process.

Young Living is also a great business opportunity. Wouldn't you love to bless your friends with essential oils. Sharing oils is fun and you know you are making a difference in another's life while you also build an income for yourself! Contact me to learn more.